People & Culture

We are dedicated to providing the best-in-class client solutions that are the foundation of Imagine’s success.

A World of Opportunity

Imagine has offices in New York, Cleveland, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong with dedicated teams working to provide our clients with the sophisticated and leading-edge technology and solutions that support every strategy and business opportunity. Data & Operations, Systems, Product Development, Quality Assurance, Consulting, Client Support, Security, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Corporate Communications & Documentation, and Human Resources teams.

The richly diverse Imagine team represents forty-plus nationalities and speaks thirty-plus languages, from English, French, and Mandarin to Hindi, Russian and Urdu. Our educational credentials span the range of doctorate and high-discipline degrees in mathematics, business, economics, quantitative finance, law, physics, engineering and the computer sciences from colleges and universities around the world. Our collegial and team-based culture allows every individual to shine in an atmosphere where all ideas matter.

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Brian D
Scott Sherman
Jonathan Richards
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Dmitry Gutorov
Alex Park
Michael Gannon
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Trever Evans
Steven Harris
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