We are honored to be recognized by our clients.

  • "Imagine was great to work with and we ended up with a system that does all that we were promised it would do. And best of all, due to the flexibility and extensibility of the system, our in-house IT and risk departments can now build sophisticated, customized add-ons to the system. This was a true win-win scenario."

    Alexandre Manguer, Global Head of Prime Risk & Margin Systems, Societe Generale
  • We laid down sets of risk management framework for equity derivatives trading, we want it to be mathematically sound, flexible and scalable. Imagine Software provides a robust integration for both real-time risk monitoring and scenario analysis. We see both the system and its people very professional and sophisticated to help us achieving market leading position in Asia, in less than 3 years.

    Kenny Chong, Managing Director - Derivatives Trading, Haitong International Securities Group Limited, Hong Kong
  • At Lambda Capital AG, we consider strict risk management and the ability to expose our portfolios to simulated market shocks at any time to be core elements of a modern risk approach. Imagine Software provides us with a comprehensive and reliable solution to structure our positions simply and efficiently, taking into account the different styles of each portfolio.

    Stefan Brunschwiler, Portfolio Manager, Lambda Capital AG, Switzerland
  • “Nine Masts utilizes Imagine’s financial applications for strategic business analyses and reporting including real-time risk limit monitoring, transaction costs analysis and a variety of regulatory reporting requirements. Nine Masts can tap directly into Imagine’s technology platform to develop proprietary APIs and interfaces and create custom reports and views utilizing Imagine’s support team or through internal development. As the Nine Masts needs have expanded and developed so has Imagine’s capabilities to provide world-class service.”

    Elaine Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Nine Masts, China
  • "Imagine can easily aggregate extremely complex positions, capture risk, and manage equity derivatives, allowing us to successfully generate the returns expected by our Wealth Defender investors. Imagine has a deep understanding of the derivatives space, and we rely on the firm's technical precision and accuracy to effectively manage risk and provide our clients with the appropriate protection strategies."

    Dan Bosscher, Portfolio Manager, Perennial Value, Australia
  • "I first started using Imagine Software's risk and portfolio management system while working at Deutsche Bank nearly 18 years ago. When Arrowgrass was spun out of the bank, we performed our due diligence and researched other options but quickly realized that our old friends at Imagine were still providing the best solution to meet our needs. All these years later, I still trust them to look after us and help us manage our portfolios and minimize risk with their system and services."

    Henry Kenner, CEO, Arrowgrass Capital Partners, USA
  • "It's rare to find a company with such a long history that continues to innovate at the pace of Imagine Software. As someone who works across numerous asset classes, I'm continually impressed with the speed at which Imagine is able to add coverage and capabilities, as well as its flexibility in creating new solutions that make it easy to slice and dice data so my team can quickly see the possibilities across all of our holdings and make more informed decisions."

    David Elms, Head of Alternatives, Janus Henderson Investors, UK
  • We have been using Imagine as our end-to-end Portfolio & Risk Management system for 8 years. The system, being cloud based, facilitates our BCP planning and has proven robust and reliable. Being a multi-asset investor, it’s important for us to have a system that can handle risk management across asset classes. Apart from various Greeks, we also have customized reports for various types of risks, such as FX and interest rates. Importantly, one needs to understand everything the system can do in order to take full advantage. In this regard Imagines support staff have been immensely helpful.

    Barun Agarwal, Founder & CIO, Factorial Management Limited, Hong Kong
  • "Imagine's highly flexible and extensible risk management system is years ahead of what is offered by most local vendors. This ability to scale is an essential element for us, along with Imagine's capacity to support risk analysis and valuations encompassing the global derivatives market."

    Kong Wei Cheng, Vice General Manager of GF Securities, China
  • "For asset managers who do not have a traditional risk management background, or even for those that do, Imagine can help to efficiently monitor and assess risks such as breaches in real-time and easily evaluate exposures, conduct stress testing, and measure VaR.These are essential capabilities for firms looking to build investor confidence. Particularly for start-up hedge funds, in which the team has to be flexible and adaptable, Imagine's warehouse of risk and portfolio management capabilities makes it easy for us to customize and scale the business as we grow."

    Chude Chidi-Ofong, Chief Operating Officer at Ledbury Capital Markets LLP, UK