Real-Time Data Management

IMAGINE having real-time data on every listed product globally and the ability to deliver aggregated firm-wide risk exposures, intra-day, all day.

Get Real-Time Data on Every Listed Product

Real-Time Global Security Master

Maintaining a real-time global security master across numerous asset classes and time zones can be daunting. Imagine provides live pricing and derived data for a wide range of asset classes traded on exchanges and OTC markets globally including equities, convertibles, fixed income, credit, foreign exchange, commodities, hybrids, and exotics.

Complete Daily Position & Corporate Actions Maintenance

Imagine provides a host of value-added processing services that remove the headache of daily position maintenance, including: calculating and archiving P&L and positions for Greeks, posting coupons, as well as resetting and calculating accruals and payments to prepare portfolios for the next trading day. Imagine also monitors, validates and makes available corporate actions data for users. This data ensures that all positions are updated on a nightly basis.

Global Security Master Covers All Listed Products
Across Global Asset Classes

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Cost-Effective Access to Best-of-Breed Market Data

Imagine’s long-standing relationships with the world’s leading data providers help clients consolidate the number of partnerships needed to run day-to-day operations. Imagine’s data warehouse delivers immediate access to the pricing and derived data needed for daily operations. Prices are archived daily on more than 90,000 exchange-traded instruments along with foreign exchange, spot, yield curves, roll curves, credit curves, volatility surfaces and realized volatilities. Imagine stores all listed pricing and derived data for a minimum of two years.

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