Real-Time Risk & Compliance

The Imagine Real-Time Risk & Compliance (RRC) solution supports clearing houses, prime brokers and asset managers working in high-speed and high-volume environments.

Keep Pace with Exposures and Risk Limits in Fast-Moving Markets

Imagine delivers real-time pricing for the fastest moving markets, trade-by-trade, tick-by-tick. Managers can perform calculations on thousands of trades per second across millions of positions – and report data within compressed timeframes.

Ticking Global Macro Analytics


Fast and Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Powered by Imagine’s sophisticated technology and processing power, the Imagine RRC solution gives managers the ability to view intra-day risk across positions, identify distressed situations, drill down to spot problem accounts and take immediate steps to reset portfolio risk.

  • Achieve rapid real-time processing and risk aggregation across portfolios
  • Simultaneously track regulatory limits and investment risk to avoid breaches
  • Identify potential breaches of capital utilization and perform institutional-grade due diligence across all asset classes

Real-Time Risk & Compliance

Real Time Risk & Compliance Overview

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