Regulatory Solutions

IMAGINE an all-in-one solution to manage your Open Protocol, Form PF, 40 Act, AIFMD and UCITS regulatory and compliance needs.

Manage Evolving Regulatory & Reporting Challenges

Whether for Open Protocol, Form PF, 40 Act, UCITS, AIFMD, or other emerging frameworks, Imagine’s sleek solution for managing complex compliance needs enables clients to achieve strategic growth targets while managing evolving regulatory and reporting demands.

Imagine’s all-in-one limits monitoring and risk management tool, which has become an industry mainstay, gives funds the ability to simultaneously track real-time limits, perform stress tests, capture risk across the entire portfolio, spot and correct compliance breaches and deliver timely reports.

Key Features

  • Pinpoint sources of data breaches
  • Provide audit reconciliation
  • Monitor strategy drift
  • Conduct market scenario analyses
  • Assess correlation strategies
  • View aggregated risk profiles

Track and Archive Portfolio Behaviors

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