Risk Aggregation

For clients that do not have direct access to position-level data, the Imagine Risk Aggregator Solution (RAS)  provides the ability to view, compare, and report risk exposures and analyses across all underlying funds and investments.

Create a Complete Risk Picture

Imagine gives financial firms that invest across multiple funds and asset classes the ability to provide internal and external stakeholders with meaningful risk reporting and transparency. Imagine sources the underlying funds’ position-level data directly from administrators, prime brokers and internal systems. Our data analyses and slice-and-dice capabilities enable clients to:

  • Calculate VaR across all underlying funds and at the total fund level using a single methodology
  • Conduct scenario and what-if analyses to assess potential changes in risk levels
  • Provide consistent sets of risk exposures and risk scenario
  • See exposure concentration (country, asset class, etc.)

Imagine’s interactive dashboards feature full drill-down capability. Users can control dashboards to display risk exposures by fund, strategy, sub-strategy, or any attribute to generate the most relevant views of risk and market exposure.

Aggregate Investments Across Geographies, Market Value and Exposures


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