Enduring Flexibility and Versatility

23 Years of Risk Technology Innovation

Over the past twenty-three years, the Imagine technology platform has enabled financial firms around the world to manage their evolutionary portfolio, risk management, and regulatory needs. Imagine’s industry leadership status reflects both its strong history of innovation and its commitment to creating the best-in-class risk solutions to meet diverse client and market needs.

The power and versatility of the Imagine Trading System stems from its genesis as a sell-side, enterprise-class application originally developed to serve the demanding portfolio and risk management needs of the world’s largest financial institutions. In 2000, Imagine was the first in the industry to launch a full-service, cloud-based Application Services Provider (ASP) for the hedge fund community and other large asset managers that were looking to upgrade their risk management capabilities – without investing in the technology and resources needed to maintain a world-class system. With real-time pricing, security master, corporate actions, derived market data and 24/7 connectivity, Imagine’s ASP delivers rapid, risk-free deployment of software technology, data and a full suite of services for all users.

Imagine Financial Platform


Imagine’s superior technology and analytics help firms develop and execute optimal trading and hedging strategies across equities, fixed income, credit, foreign exchange, commodities, swaps, and exotic asset classes. Our offering combines advanced instrument and trading strategy support with pre- and post-trade analytics to help firms comply with the post-2008 onslaught of global regulatory demands.

In 2012, Imagine took another leap forward in its technology leadership with the Imagine Financial Platform that allows users to tap directly into our off-the-shelf risk apps and leverage our data and analytics to create proprietary functionality of their own.

Today, Imagine’s integrated real-time data, analytics, and solutions platform drive the entire front-to-back engine for financial clients who are increasingly opting for cloud-based services, where feasible, as they seek to reduce costs while improving capabilities. Large international prime brokers use Imagine to manage their real-time risk across thousands of clients with millions of positions and millions of trades per day. Clients are also now taking advantage of our RESTful interface, which enables them to embed our analytics into client portals, requiring little more than a URL for each desired calculation. Imagine essentially gives users a toolkit that turns a spreadsheet of positions into a full-blown risk and analytics system or that can be used to build intelligent web pages and online calculators to enhance their offering.

With each new technology development, Imagine expands its reach – both geographically as well as by client type – reflecting our central role in helping firms adapt and respond to the constantly evolving marketplace and regulatory environment.



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