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Financial developers, systems integrators, software vendors, consultants and internal technology staff use the flexible and extensible Imagine Financial Platform (IFP) to create a range of portfolio management, risk and regulatory solutions.

Inspiring the Next-Generation Risk Management

The Imagine Financial Platform (IFP), launched in 2012, has grown into a unique resource for clients and industry partners alike by providing an ever-expanding range of flexible applications (apps) that are changing the way firms use technology to manage risk. The IFP enables our clients to make changes in the software so that they can quickly adapt to moving market conditions, new requirements, or emerging opportunities. The IFP also enables our clients to add their own models to our platform, which is truly exceptional for a cloud-based service.

Risk & Portfolio Engine Apps & Apis

Built into the Imagine cloud of data and services, IFP puts development tools into users’ hands that provide programmatic access to our award-winning data and analytics. It employs JavaScript to make these functional calls, so that the users need not be professional programmers.   More akin to writing macros in Excel than C++ programming, JavaScript provides for agile development with turnaround times measured in hours or days – from conception to deployment.

The IFP provides more than 40 off-the-shelf apps that are now used by over 85% of our clients and partners, who in turn have created 500-plus unique apps. As a result, users now employ a wide variety of apps that speak to an effectively limitless number of ways the platform can be leveraged to create solutions for risk and compliance reporting, margin replication, excel automation, multivariate beta analytics, upcoming and past corporate actions reporting, calculators and more.

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The following are some of Imagine’s more popular apps:

APP_MarginMargin Calculation: Market participants can avoid untimely margin calls and better deploy capital with this Imagine app, which calculates the margin requirement of a portfolio utilizing various exchange rules, “Reg T,” or even a prime broker’s house rules. This app also allows for margin stress-testing of more than fifteen factors at a time.

Pre-Trade CompliancePre-Trade Compliance: Check that all trades comply with risk-based limits. Monitor limits that would breach if securities were traded concurrently and added to current positions. Cross-reference trades that would cause a breach, trades that would maintain compliance, and record rejections. Trades can be entered and reported back within Imagine or to the integrated OMS/PMS system.

Portfolio rebalancingPortfolio Rebalancing: Rebalance portfolios, sectors, and weightings. Calculate trades needed to reach targeted sector weightings and show current and new values for each related position and produce a trade file that can be routed to a broker/EMS.


APP ExcelExcel Add-In: Easily upload and download position data and portfolios, calculate VaR, capture detailed OTC transactions and perform countless other solutions. Add life to static portfolios by linking to Imagine’s real-time calculation engines for P&L, exposures and other images.



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