Helping Asset Managers to expand into new asset classes, better serve investors and gain operational efficiencies

Imagine delivers a comprehensive, real-time, cross-asset platform that integrates portfolio and risk management with deep, native functionality, data and the flexibility of APIs. It serves as the investment book of record IBOR for leading asset managers, providing STP from pre-trade to accounting.

The platform is delivered as a fully-hosted SaaS, simplifying system implementation, upgrades, support, and infrastructure management. Imagine’s new RaaS platform offers an alternative to Asset Managers looking for end of day risk reporting with a greater level of customization and service at a lower cost compared to incumbent vendors.

To help Asset Managers better serve their investors, Imagine also provides a secure web portal where firms can share reporting, investment history and even provide investors with access to the platform’s real-time analytics, within a white-labeled environment.

Key benefits & functionalities

Flexibility to Innovate

APIs offer unlimited possibilities to develop apps and micro services, and respond quickly to changing market conditions, client needs and new strategies

Intra-Day Analytics

Answers the growing demand for intra-day analytics as funds expand into new asset classes and derivatives


A laser focused toolbox for specific desks and functions: e.g. Liability-Driven Investment (LDI), PnL Attribution, Alternative Investment, Multi-Fund Aggregation, Specialized Reporting


Real-time and historical analytics including PnL, stress tests, value at risk, custom shocks, hedging and trade optimization tools, and more


Gain insights and answer questions from investors and regulators faster with a fully transparent platform that allows look-through to risk factors and validated models

Wide Product Coverage

120+ security types covering all asset classes, including fixed income, FX, cash equities, derivatives, swaps, rates, securities finance, and more


Use as the IBOR or tap into front office capabilities for in-house IBOR systems


Off-the-shelf interfaces with 250+ capital markets service providers globally

Improve Efficiencies

Focus on your core business by outsourcing software and platform management. Imagine simplifies system implementation, upgrades, support, and infrastructure maintenance

“I’m continually impressed with the speed at which Imagine is able to add coverage and capabilities, as well as its flexibility in creating new solutions.”
Head of Alternatives, Janus Henderson Investors, UK
AsiaRisk Awards 2019 Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards Hedgeweek USA Award winner

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