Satisfy regulatory requirements and control costs with one integrated solution

Access the full benefits of an integrated front- to-back platform that has been used by the world’s largest broker dealers for more than 25 years.

The Imagine platform is scalable and battle-tested, and can be deployed as an enterprise solution or as a fully-hosted SaaS for organizations looking to simplify their technology landscape. Combining a deep level of native functionality with open APIs, Imagine offers both enterprise and SaaS users the same level of functionality, transparency and flexibility.

In addition, by leveraging our customizable web portal, myImagine, Broker Dealers can access the platform from anywhere, anytime, and can curate homepages and build custom apps for different roles within an organization. They can even choose to white label the portal and offer their clients mobile access to investment reporting, tracking and analytics.

Key benefits & functionalities

Tick All the Boxes

Native functionality for broker dealers includes trade processing, fair value calculations, real-time margin calculations and risk analytics, P&L, valuation of structured products, reporting, compliance, term sheet generation and much more

Plug & Play

Imagine’s fully-hosted SaaS solution and deep native functionality designed for Broker Dealers is easy to implement and easy to maintain


Fully battle-tested under live market conditions, the system supports ultra high volumes at ultra low latency

Flexible APIs

Quickly and easily customize models and analytics. With Imagine’s open API platform clients can respond rapidly as markets change


We strictly apply the world’s leading security protocol: ISO27001:2013

Enterprise or SaaS

Choose the deployment model that fits your IT strategy. Our fully-hosted SaaS reduces IT footprint, running costs and total cost of operation while our enterprise platform gives you the control

Data and Coverage

Over 120+ product types and 8m+ unique securities plus managed data to price and calculate risk on positions at any level of aggregation all included

Client Access

White label myImagine to give clients access to real-time dashboards, historical data, portfolio reporting and even real-time analytics


Access a team of dedicated experts 24/5.5 who understand your business and resolve issues faster

“Imagine’s ability to scale is an essential element for us, along with the their capacity to support risk analysis and valuations encompassing the global derivatives market”
Kong Wei Cheng, Vice General Manager of GF Securities, China
Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards Hedgeweek USA Award winner AsiaRisk Awards 2019

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