Flexible, real-time integrated portfolio and risk management developed with Hedge Funds for Hedge Funds

A hedge fund’s ability to grow can be stunted by legacy systems that increase the cost or complexity of entering new markets and strategies, and can even lead to a failure to meet investors or regulators requirements. Imagine replaces legacy systems with one platform for portfolio management, risk management and data, giving hedge fund managers a single view of their positions and risks in real-time. It easily integrates with upstream and downstream systems (EMS/OMS, accounting, finance), and offers APIs hedge fund managers can use to innovate and quickly respond to changing markets and client needs.

Additionally, we manage both pre- and post-trade compliance from limits monitoring to Hedge Fund specific regulations across regions including: (Europe) UCITS, ESMA Short Selling, AIFMD Annex IV, (USA) 40Act, FormPF, (Global) Open Protocol.

Imagine is the platform trusted by Hedge Funds for more than 25 years because they can focus on core business while retaining control, flexibility and reducing costs.

Key benefits & functionalities

Out-of-the-Box Functionality
for Hedge Funds

Gain efficiencies with native functionality for hedging, trade optimization, risk management and compliance, while speeding up implementation, reducing the need for customization and controlling costs with Imagine’s fully-hosted SaaS.

Reassure Investors

With Imagine in place for portfolio management, risk management and compliance funds can pass any investor and prime broker validation test with flying colors

Managed Data

No need for costly data licenses or teams to manage data quality, we provide historical & real-time market data, corporate actions, EOD marks and more

Wide Product Coverage

120+ security types and more than 8m unique securities 

Expert Support

Get instant answers to questions by contacting our support experts 24/5.5, follow the sun model


APIs give hedge funds the ability to develop apps and micro services

Better Decision Making

Gain business insights faster with a fully integrated real-time platform 

Plug & Play

Managed STP from your EMS/OMS means data is never out of date

No Upgrades

We manage our software and platform, you focus on core business

Bank of America selects Imagine for real-time risk, P&L and margin management
PAAMCO - Prisma signs with Imagine for risk management support, Risk-As-A-Service
CGS CIMB Securities - selects Imagine to replace legacy risk system
Tabula IM - an ETF provider - implements Imagine to manage its front-to-back capital markets activity
Mirae Asset Securities subscribes to Imagine's integrated platform to power its prime service business
GF Securities partners with Imagine for its new Global Market Division
“Imagine can easily aggregate extremely complex positions, capture risk and manage equity derivatives, allowing us to successfully generate the returns expected by our Investors”
Portfolio Manager, Perennial Value Management, Australia
AsiaRisk Awards 2019 Hedgeweek USA Award winner Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards

News / Insights

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Meltdowns, Margin Calls, and a Risk-Oriented Mindset

If a firm does not have all of its positions modeled on the same risk platform, it cannot know its total risk. But strong tools and practices can help sell-side and buy-side firms alike to avoid creating dangerous conditions.

April 8, 2021

CASE STUDY: LiZen Asset Management

A start-up hedge fund in Hong Kong with a highly respected management team and extensive trading experience gains real-time portfolio and risk capabilities, wide coverage, and simplified client reporting with the Imagine platform.

March 23, 2021
Managing Margin - the Importance of Transparency

Managing Margin (Part 3) – The Importance of Transparency

Broker-dealers understand the importance of producing accurate margin calculations for their clients’ accounts, but they need to know more than just how much margin each client must post; they need to know why the margin system came up with a given result.

March 9, 2021

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