A flexible, cross-asset solution to closely monitor core indicators and capture breaches in real-time

Prime Brokers are often weighed down by inherited banking systems that are complex, rigid and siloed, making it difficult to gain transparency and serve clients efficiently. Imagine’s single, scalable platform seamlessly provides real-time analytics for PnL, NLV, risk, sensitivities and margin, while capturing potential limits breaches. Offering greater transparency, control and insight, clients can access analytics inputs, data, models and transparency tools to replicate any risk number. The solution provides cross-asset margining capabilities using its VAR engine, as well as comprehensive stress testing, flexible alerts monitoring and more.

Offered as an enterprise solution or a fully-hosted SaaS, the open architecture allows access to data using APIs, to develop micro services that respond quickly as market conditions and client needs change. In addition, a web portal gives mobile access to teams working remotely, and a secure, customizable client portal means prime brokers can share data, analytics and reporting with their clients.

Key benefits & functionalities

Open, Integrated, Transparent

Answer client questions with ease, and drill down into the platform’s analytics to identify the source of any number when managing positions, risks and margins across asset classes, clients and regions

Fully-Hosted SaaS

Gain scale while reducing IT footprint, running costs and total cost of ownership


The platform includes historical & real-time market data (sanitized), corporate actions, end-of-day marks, derived data, and more, at no extra cost


8m+ unique securities across 120+ security types, all with pricing models and interactive inputs

Flexible APIs

Our fully open platform offers APIs that provide prime brokers and clearers with unlimited possibilities to develop apps and bespoke micro services


Real-time analytics and real-time connections to third-party systems means Imagine’s data is never out of date


Fully battle-tested under live market conditions, the system supports ultra high volumes at ultra low latency


Monitor client margins more accurately with a comprehensive solution for real-time margin calculations covering listed and OTC securities

Client Access

Increase transparency and better serve clients by giving them access to real-time dashboards, historical data, portfolio reporting, and even real-time analytics

“Due to the flexibility and extensibility of Imagine, our in-house IT and risk departments can now build sophisticated, customized add-ons to the system. This was a true win-win scenario. ”
Head of Prime Risk and Margin Systems, Societe Generale, France
Hedgeweek USA Award winner Sell-Side technology waterstechnology 2019 Awards AsiaRisk Awards 2019

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CASE STUDY: Tabula Investment Management

Innovative fund manager, Tabula Investment Management, implements the Imagine platform in under three months to launch new and manage existing fixed income ETFs.

January 11, 2021

WEBINAR: AIMA APAC Fund Manager Briefing

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